Factors Considered When Buying LED Bulbs


People widely use these bulbs for illuminating their offices and homes. They have many advantages as compared to conventional bulbs. They are available in different sizes and shapes. LEDs are durable and energy efficient. This has made them one of the best sources of light.

Investing these lighting fixtures is a worthy idea that can greatly help you in cutting your energy bills. You can use them in lighting any area including the bedroom. They have a long lifespan ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 hours. Additionally, they are friendly to the environment. Anyone planning to invest in these bulbs should consider the following factors.

Shape of the bulb/light

This is one of the crucial factors that are considered when looking door an LED bulb. These lighting fixtures come in different shapes. They offer different looks and characteristics. The common shapes include a candle, globe, traditional, spiral and stick lights. The different shapes are known for offering different lighting levels. This is attributed to the small variations in the angle at which light is spread. They are available in both opaque and clear finish. You should choose the bulbs that suit all your needs.LED  bulbs

Base configuration

They have a base configuration that is similar to that of the incandescent bulb, but some of them have pin bases that vary slightly. Screw-in and Edison’s bases are the most popular fixtures when it comes to household lighting. The good thing about them is that you can take your old bulbs to your store and get a suitable replacement for correct base type and size.

Light colour range

This is mainly dependent on the user’s personal preferences. The colour’s rating is determined using a Kelvin Scale (K). Most of the available bulbs have a colour rating that ranges from 2,700-3,000 K. In fact, they have a range that is almost similar to that of the incandescent lights. The light output offered by these bulbs is warm yellow. Individuals interested in buying the modern, clean light are advised to choose bulbs that have a colour ranging from 4.000- 5,000 K.coloured LED bulbs

Non-dimmable and Dimmable

You can either choose a non-dimmable or dimmable light. This is purely a personal choice. You should ensure that you have the proper light circuit. The dimmable lights are recommended for compatible circuits. You are discouraged from using a dimmable set up in a non-dimmable circuit. Such a replacement can end up damaging your lighting fixture.…